Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions

We provide all kinds of Telecom solutions including Mobile VAS (Value added services) on SMS, USSD, IVR & WAP and Platform management solutions like Service delivery platforms, SMS/USSD Platforms, Call completion suite & much more.

  • Mobile VAS
  • Telecom Platform management

Mobile VAS

Mobile Value-added services are an important part of revenue generation in the Telecom sector. We provide telecom VAS services in following domains:

1.SMS services– We have a very wide range of SMS services which are a combination of interactive type and content-based services namely-

  • Premium SMS Packs
  • SMS Marketing
  • Email to SMS
  • SMS Chat
  • Football Mania
  • Google/Wiki on SMS
  • Word Power- The Dictionary

  • Yoga and Meditation alerts
  • Empower Youth
  • SMS Games
  • Daily inspiration quotes
  • The SMS Quiz Contest

For further details of SMS services, please feel free to write us on

2.USSD based services- Interactive USSD services like eMpower Youth, USSD Chat and Football Mania are available where users can interact via USSD menus. The informational services on USSD include services like Daily inspiration quotes, Balance on Demand, Recharge info, Last call information etc.

  • USSD Menu for Operator services
  • USSD Quiz Contest
  • USSD Chat
  • Google/ Wiki on USSD
  • Word Power- USSD Dictionary
  • Balance on Demand
  • Love, Luck and Cheat Meter
  • eMpower Youth
    • For further details of USSD services, please feel free to write us on

      3.VOICE/IVR services– Voice provides a personal direct interaction medium with the customer. We provide both interactive and non interactive services. Below are some of our services:

      • PesaPay
      • The adMAD
      • Talk to Celebrity
      • Astrology on Voice
      • The Voice Changer
      • The mDEAL

      For further details of Voice services, please feel free to write us

      4.DATA SERVICES- Data and internet is moving from an expensive utility to a basic need worldwide. Increasing Mobile penetration is paving way for telecom operators to cash it by providing data products on VAS. Below are some of our Data products:

      • Advise Me
      • Selfie Selfie
      • Word Power
      • Play on..!-The Gaming Portal
      • The EduHealth app
      • Talk on..! -The Chat app
      • The e-Video store

      For further details of Data services, please feel free to write us on

Telecom Platform management

SMS and USSD SDP- Service Delivery Platform for managing services
Telecom operators have a vast pool of VAS services and they face the challenge of managing everything on 1 platform. Our SDP provides the operator with a single platform for all their service information, billing engine, activation/deactivation feature, usage analysis and so on. It can be customized according to the need to the operator.