SEO and Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in a search engine results page. These natural results affect the site visit count. The higher the rank on the search results page, the more frequently it will have visitors from the search engine’s users. Keyword optimization techniques, Search analytics, Back-linking, Social media optimization and various other methods are used to enhance the ranking of a website.

Benefits of SEO for business:

  • Increased visibility leading to brand awareness
  • Higher the visitors, higher the sales
  • Continued SEO leads to the high rank of the website
  • Regular SEO leads to building Brand equity with a passage of time

We target different kinds of search-Image search, Local engine search, RSS feeds, News search, Blogging, Social media and industry-specific search.

Email marketing

Email marketing is used for sending commercial messages and advertisements to a group of people on email. For business, we cater to below domains:

  • Broadcasting emails to potential or current customers
  • Sending advertisements
  • Business communication
  • Feedback emails
  • Facilitating sales or donations

Usually, Email marketing is important for building brand loyalty, trust and brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of increasing your social visibility by gaining traffic on your website through social media networking. We create the content that attracts mass attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks.

This results in Word of mouth communication that people share via Social networking websites, blogs, instant messages, news feeds etc about a product, service, company, brand or a particular event.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the use of mobile as a means of marketing communication for the distribution of promotional and advertising messages to the customers via mobile networks. Mobile marketing can be Location wise, operator wise, demographic data wise to promote products and services for adding value to the company. This results in targeted marketing of the company’s products & services.

Here are 2 types of mobile marketing:

Whatsapp– Broadcasting promotional messages on a set of customers via Whatsapp application. Delivery reports and reads reports are also available.

SMS marketing– Broadcasting of messages by using a customized display name which can be your company name, brand name, product name etc. The message is delivered into the inbox of a customer. Delivery reports are available for tracking the campaign.