IT & Software Solutions

Mobile Applications

At eNovateur Technologies, we make all Mobile applications in an open-minded environment where every employee is empowered to innovate according to his creativity. We develop your dreams into real-world applications. We are a one-stop destination for all your Mobile application design, development, and maintenance. Partner with us and see your thinking turn into a marvelous reality.

iPhone application development– We are the experts in developing social networking which brings people together and product/service specific applications which are the backbone of every organization. Our applications transform the way your customers look to your business. Our innovative and creative applications give you an edge over your competitors. We design and develop applications for the iPhone by closely working with the clients to turn their vision into reality.

iPad application development– The increased usage of tablets has given an opportunity to companies to tap this high-end segment. Our innovators work dedicatedly to provide you with customized applications for iPad and bring the details of your services/products into peoples’ hands.

Android application development– Being the experts in this field, we have a no. of smart applications into our kitty. We turn the wheel while developing the most innovative Android applications and actually transform the way people could visualize a company’s mobile application. We have a dedicated team of designers who design the application and another team of developers working hand in hand with the designers to bring their design into an actual picture.

Windows application development– Windows phones are now becoming a choice of millions due to their user-friendly nature and graphical display. A core team of Windows professionals works to provide smart applications in every segment. They are well versed with the latest technological advancements and windows applications. They ensure our applications look different from the already existing ones.

Website Design & development:

We design and develop all kinds of websites i.e. Static, Dynamic, e-commerce, product/service based etc. we specialize in PHP, Java, C#, CSS, HTML, and XML. Web design includes graphic design, interface design, and search engine optimization. The designers are well aware of the usability and they design the website accordingly. Our Web developers make websites for www i.e. Internet and Private Networks i.e. Intranet as well. They are experts in writing markup and coding. Your website will be a unique piece of work made by creative and smart resources.

Software Development:

We have a dedicated team of highly experienced developers which are divided into teams according to their specialization in a particular language. We have developers for Java, Dot Net, and C/C++/C# languages. We develop application software, system software and utility software as well. All development will be according to the requirements of the client and shall be tailor-made according to the usability of the software. When our software team starts working on any project, they make it with perfect specifications and usability as desired by the client.

eCommerce Platforms

We are experts in designing and developing eCommerce platforms where buying and selling of products/services can be facilitated easily. Payment gateway integration and bank account linking for funds mobilization is also done.